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 Harpie <3

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Basic devil
Basic devil

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PostSubject: Harpie <3   Mon Jul 05, 2010 11:30 pm

2|Rds|Harpie Girl
1|Sd8|Harpie Lady 1
2|Sd8|Harpie Lady 3
2|Fotb|Harpie Queen
2|Psv|Harpie's Brother
3|Rds|Harpies' Hunting Ground
2|Eoj|Harpie's Pet Baby Dragon
2|Fmr|Harpie's Pet Dragon
2|Mrd|Elegant Egotist
2|Sd8|Hysteric Party
2|Mrd|Harpie Lady Sisters
1|Ysds|Giant Trunade
1|Dl9|Last Day of Witch
2|Sd6|Spell Absorption
2|Sdzw|Spell Shattering Arrow
1|Crv|Spiritual Wind Art - Miyabi
1|Rds|Chain Burst
2|Gx04|Dark Bribe
2|Sdrl|Dust Tornado
2|Lodt|Level Tuning
1|Ast|Level Limit - Area B
1|Mrd|Prevent Rat
2|Mrl|Giant Rat
1|Rgbt|Attack of the Cornered Rat
1|Ptdn|Transmigration Break
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Ghost Nappa
Lich lord
Lich lord

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PostSubject: Re: Harpie <3   Mon Jul 05, 2010 11:34 pm

lol harpierat deck lol..looks ok
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Lich lord
Lich lord

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Location : S. Korea! Oniong ha se oh? I am American btw... White caucasian... yes!

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PostSubject: Re: Harpie <3   Fri Jul 09, 2010 3:05 pm

lol every Harpie should probably not be ran, unless you really want it that way.

Tarps are always the easiest thing to comment and suggest on, because so many decks run the same staple cards.1st off, some basics:
1.) A Winged Beast deck especially Harpie's with their own Call of the Haunted *Hysteric Party* for ANY and ALL Harpie's in grave, needs 3x Icarus. You can tribute them to clear field and then special summon them all for massive damage
2.) A few staples, Solemn, Mirror Force, Torrential and Bottomless, and I would say Starlight Road at least at one is always a good choice
3.) Think we're good on traps but I shall come back if I think of anything.... and yes I am just writing this as it comes to me ^.^

Traps: 12 so far
3x Hysteric Party
3x Icarus Attack
2x Bottomless Trap Hole
1x Starlight Road
1x Solemn Judgment
1x Mirror Force
1x Torrential Tribute

Spells now! Hm...
1.) 3x Egotist is good you'll always have a Harpie on field pretty much!
2.) Staples thrown in and looks a little somethin like this-
3.) Your kinda all over the place with your spells

Spells: well I guess 9
3x Elegant Egotist
3x Harpie's Hunting Ground
1x Heavy Storm
1x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x Brain Control

Monsters... ok here we need a lot of... taming Pet Dragon needs to go because he is level 7, requires 2 tribs and has a lack luster effect. I shall be lazy since it is late >.<

Monsters: 15 ik, not sure what else to put after...well, you'll see...
1x Harpie Girl
2x Harpie Lady 1-I like this over no attacks since this will hel all the monsters in your deck
1x Harpie Lady 2-Ryko is everywhere
3x Harpie Queen
1x Harpie's Brother
3x Harpie's Pet Baby Dragon
3x Harpie Lady Sisters
1x BW Gale-fits the theme and will help you synchro

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Dr. Jackal

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Age : 24
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PostSubject: Re: Harpie <3   Fri Jul 09, 2010 7:00 pm

I like Frogs fixes.. except for the normal monsters.
but here would be mine.

x2 Harpie Lady 1
x1 Harpie Lady 2
x3 Harpie Queen
x2 Dark Simorgh
x1 Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind
x3 Blackwing - Bora the Spear
x1 Blackwing - Shura the Blue Flame
x1 Dark Armed Dragon
x2 Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter
x2 Mist Valley Soldier
x1 Summoner Monk
x1 Sangan

x2 Black Whirlwind
x3 Harpies Hunting Ground
x1 Mystical Space Typhoon
x1 Heavy Storm
x1 Brain Control
x2 Book of Moon
x1 Lightning Vortex

x2 Bottomless Trap Hole
x1 Mirror Force
x1 Torrential Tribute
x1 Call of the Haunted
x2 Compulsory Evacuation Device
x2 Hysteric Party

It may have already been shunned due to, to many Blackwings.. Its okay its pretty beast with Simorgh and the S/T removal Very Happy!
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New Citizen
New Citizen

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PostSubject: Re: Harpie <3   Sun Jul 25, 2010 8:01 am

I would go with dr. jackal's fixes but i would add an allure of darkness in.
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PostSubject: Re: Harpie <3   

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Harpie <3
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