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 Moderator Guidelines *IMPORTANT*

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Moderator Guidelines *IMPORTANT* Empty
PostSubject: Moderator Guidelines *IMPORTANT*   Moderator Guidelines *IMPORTANT* Icon_minitimeTue Jun 01, 2010 8:38 pm

Let's start this with rule number 1 : Moderators must have read the guidelines atleast once and agree'd to them.

On the second, i would require no long bans, it's 1 to 20 minute bans ONLY, a moderator can reban a user any number
of times following the first ban, although once the member is tame, there is no need to prolonge it.

A use may report a moderator abusing the ban button to me, if they have told the moderator they will stop
any ongoing trouble, the moderator must not ban the member untill he breaks another rule.

3rd : Try Mass kicking before bans, kicking out 50 times will have more effect on a member, again no abusing.

4th : If you want to ban someone for more than 1hour, you have to contact me for approval, untill then deal with
10-20minute bans.

Moderators seem to abuse powers alot and abuse members, that will NOT happen here.

These guidelines will be strict and respected. Any member with a problem with a moderator should contact me.
Moderators are here to prevent trouble, not abusing members.

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Moderator Guidelines *IMPORTANT*
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