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 Plot and basic rules

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PostSubject: Plot and basic rules   Plot and basic rules Icon_minitimeSun Aug 08, 2010 8:35 pm

Cue Plot line A la Don Lafontaine.

In a world....where there's an evil sword. And a bad guy named Dave, has this sword. And this sword gives Dave unbelievable powers...


Enough of that.

The sword of doomsday, a sword said to contain unbelievable powers, meaning, it can do almost anything, yo, had been hidden for centuries, until it was conveniently discovered by an )of course)evil guy named Dave. Now Dave has locked himself away in a really tall and cliche tower, which can only be unlocked with 5 really cliche black keys. He's hidden(and by hidden I mean put inside a blatantly visible tower) one Key in each continent of the world that's not earth(That's the planet's name, the-world-that's-not-earth, TWTNE for short). These keys can also counter the power of the doomsday sword. Why do they exist? Because he's the all powerful bad guy, he needs SOME kind of weakness. Anyway, he's pretty much taken over the world, and it's going to take a team of good guys and some stupidly blind luck to stop him. It'll be hard, and some really weird crap is gonna go down, and really bad parodies of other forms of entertainment may be made. But hey, that's the fun in it right?

Other things that I'm to lazy to order as neatly as the plot.

I'm the GM, I will RP as Dave and his Minions, but I will also cause some really weird things to happen. Deal with it. I am god here. I MAY powerplay your characters, but I promise not to do anything more than move them around a bit.

In fights between characters, improvise, but don't make your character unfairly overpowered, try to keep the battles at least slightly realistic.

Post your characters in the character thread, using the character sheet Hexadecimal posted.

Feel free to do whatever you want. I'm going to give you the base descriptions for each area, you can make up your own sections, towns, cities whatever that you want. Also feel free to make whatever NPC's you want, and do whatever you want to them Very Happy

There will be fighting, lots of it. Don't make your character a pansy.

Each Continent is self sustained, meaning, the only way to get from one continent to another is by using the teleporters inside of Dave's towers. Aren't I just crunchy.

In fact, most of the residents of each continent aren't even aware of the other continents, unless they work for Dave.

The continents are listed in the order in which you will visit them.

Normallandia : Looks like Earth, except, it's not earth, basically just a big technologically advanced city.(I did mention this is in the future right? Oh, I didn't? OH YEAH, that's because I wanted to make sure you read everything! :3nod:: )

Upintheskylandia: This entire continent is in the sky of TWTNE. It's basically a series of floating islands kept afloat by giant cliche propellers. All of the islands are connected by platforms, and the big islands have their own unique quirks.

Forestlandia: It's a giant forest, full of mythical beings and magic. Also very easy to get lost in. Really tall trees and vegetation are everywhere. Why do you keep looking at me like I'm about to dance or something, it's a giant forest! I have nothing else to say about it! DEAL!

PM me your character sheet, include something about a cat in the background.

Makeupyourfrickinmindlandia: This area is made up of really cold areas, and really hot areas, a fairly barren continent, as, honestly, who'd want to live here?

Reallyclosetotheendlandia: A really dark place, full of evil beings, all controlled by Dave, it's a series of cities, and it's always night here...not much else is known.



The rest...Is up to you...
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Plot and basic rules
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