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 tips and changes plx !

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tips and changes plx ! Empty
PostSubject: tips and changes plx !   tips and changes plx ! Icon_minitimeWed Sep 01, 2010 12:22 am


2xsuper nimble mega hamster
3x ryko
2x lyla
2x wulf
2x celestia
3x caius
1x dark armed
1x chaos sorcerer
1x plague
1x trooper
1x spirit reaper
1x sangan
1x gorz
1x gale


1x charge of hte light brigade
2x solar recharge
2x book of moon
2x pot of avarice
1x foolish burial
1x monster reborn
1x mystical space typhoon
1x allure
1x soul exchange

1x mirror force
1x torrential
2x bottomless
2x dprison
1x solemn

i also need a good side for sept first banlist ! and an explanation of why the certain siding is good?
and it has to include herald stuff cuz that wrecks this deck! plz and ty Very Happy
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tips and changes plx ! Near death10816/12883tips and changes plx ! DEAD  (10816/12883)
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tips and changes plx ! Empty
PostSubject: Re: tips and changes plx !   tips and changes plx ! Icon_minitimeWed Sep 01, 2010 12:26 am

I would drop the light sworns... Cydra instead of Wulf can be a life savior.

Tomato and shining angel could be good.

Keep Gale he's excellent, Add E Teleport and Krebons (2)

If you have space for Psychic Commander could be good to add synchros in.

Needs 3 caius.

Forget Lightsworn and hamster.
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tips and changes plx !
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