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 Stats collecting

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PostSubject: Stats collecting   Stats collecting Icon_minitimeMon Oct 25, 2010 12:48 pm

This forum looks dead so I imagine that it wont be read as much as i would like it to be however...

Some of you may know me already but my name is Alastar. I am not joining your group but i have come here to tell you something that you people may or may not be interested in. I am keeping stats on as many duelists as I can. I collect data by using my own experience of duels and the logs of various scouts that i have working with me to get in depth statistics on many as many players in the yugioh kingdom as I can. Up until now I have only collected Info on YVD and only high to semi-high level players however I am branching out to find the stats of duelists in other Fourms, IRC's and even in real life. Eventually the stats will be made public, however this will not be for a while. I just thought that I would tell you so that you know that if you are high level enough you WILL be added to my stats.

Have a nice day.
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Stats collecting
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