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 My New And Improved Trade Thread

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Steven Stiffler
Steven Stiffler

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PostSubject: My New And Improved Trade Thread   My New And Improved Trade Thread Icon_minitimeMon Oct 25, 2010 7:19 pm

Ok so here is my new trade thread

Ok rules

1: I send Internationally
2: I live in the UK
3: Do not scam me
4: Ref Rules Applies
5: Have Fun

Trades Going On ATM:

Incoming Cards

Ok so wants

Venusaur Holo Base Set
Magneton Holo Base Set
Raichu Holo Base Set
Electrode Holo Jungle
Scyther Holo Jungle
Venmoth Holo Jungle
Victrebell Holo Jungle
Vileplume Holo Jungle
Wigglytuff Holo Jungle
Aerodactyl Holo Fossil
Hypno Holo Fossil
Muk Holo Fossil
Dark Alakazam Holo
Dark Arbok Holo
Dark Blastoise Holo
Dark Charizard Holo
Dark Dragonite Holo
Dark Dugtrio Holo
Dark Golbat Holo
Dark Gyarados Holo
Dark Hypno Holo
Dark Machamp Holo
Dark Magneton Holo
Dark Slowbro Holo
Dark Vileplume Holo
Dark Weezing Holo
Here Comes Team Rocket! Holo
Rocket's Sneak Attack Holo
Rainbow Energy Holo
Blaine's Moltres Rare-Holo
Brock's Rhydon Rare-Holo
Erika's Clefable Rare-Holo
Erika's Dragonair Rare-Holo
Erika's Vileplume Rare-Holo
Lt. Surge's Electabuzz (Lv 28) Rare-Holo
Lt. Surge's Fearow Rare-Holo
Lt. Surge's Magneton Rare-Holo
Misty's Seadra Rare-Holo
Misty's Tentacruel Rare-Holo
Rocket's Hitmonchan Rare-Holo
Rocket's Moltres Rare-Holo
Rocket's Scyther Rare-Holo
Sabrina's Gengar Holo
Brock Holo
Erika Holo
Lt. Surge Holo
Misty Holo
The Rocket's Trap Holo
Blaine's Arcanine Rare-Holo
Blaine's Charizard Rare-Holo
Brock's Ninetales Rare-Holo
Erika's Venusaur Rare-Holo
Giovanni's Gyarados Rare-Holo
Giovanni's Machamp Rare-Holo
Giovanni's Nidoking Rare-Holo
Giovanni's Persian Rare-Holo
Koga's Beedrill Rare-Holo
Koga's Ditto Rare-Holo
Lt. Surge's Raichu Rare-Holo
Misty's Golduck Rare-Holo
Misty's Gyarados Rare-Holo
Rocket's Mewtwo Rare-Holo
Rocket's Zapdos Rare-Holo
Sabrina's Alakazam Rare-Holo
Blaine Rare-Holo
Giovanni Rare-Holo
Koga Rare-Holo
Sabrina Holo
All Neo Set Holo's


Check my new binder vid out
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My New And Improved Trade Thread
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