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Welcome to DCA, to be able to have all the privileges and see the chatbox you need to register, it's quick and easy, our members await your arrival.
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 Enter the Dragon : Epilogue

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PostSubject: Enter the Dragon : Epilogue   Enter the Dragon : Epilogue Icon_minitimeMon Dec 06, 2010 1:00 pm

Not sure if there's anyone left to read this... but, at least there'll be something worth looking at for all the new people who come and realize this place is dead.

Welcome to Seto's Dragon Discussion Thread, Enter The Dragon, or STD (A.K.A. Seto's Thread of Dragons, you pick what name you like)!

First, I should start out with explaining this type that has unlimited potential if Konami were to give them new and much needed support.

Lost in a game of Blackwings, Infernitys, X-Sabers, Lightsworn, and lost in a game simply that has evolved, Dragons are sometimes a very underestimated deck type. However, this simply isn't the case. Dragons are quick to overpower, locking down, even able to win in a single turn with the use of powerful beaters, lockdown and stum capabilities, even the advantage of OTK if done correctly. They can be very fast, even matching Blackwings in speed at times, also with incredible drawing and searching available to them, they, in my view, are considered the "Black Sheep" of this game.

I'll begin by showing you one card:
Enter the Dragon : Epilogue Red-EyesDarknessMetalDragonJUMP-EN-UR-LE

This card is a major reason why this deck works. Yes, you can lose advantage on cards like this, yet, in the long run, it will pay for itself, even if you have to tribute for it (which isn't very likely, since running a pure dragon deck is the most recommended).

That is the main reason that Dragons have problems: they have a hard time creating advantage. Cards like Royal Decree, Light and Darkness Dragon, a combination of Skill Drain and Tyrant's Temper, all help a Dragon deck, because they will prevent the opponent to gaining their own advantage, allowing Dragons to catch up on the flow of the game.

Dragon's have incredible speed and searching powers, able to swarm at the slightest chance possible, have incredible beatsticks, have somewhat reliable lockdown and stun capabilities, and have their own version of Foolish Burial theoretically... times 5 (lol@epicforshadowing, will make an entire post about it later)

So, stay tuned, because more will most likely come!

...if there's anyone left to read this.
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Enter the Dragon : Epilogue
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